Landline by Rainbow Rowell

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Title: Landline

Author: Rainbow Rowell

Published: July 2014


Summary: Georgie is one half of a successful TV writing duo and although her career has seen some success, her home life is stuggling. Connecting with her husband has become worse and worse and when he takes their kids for the holidays and leaves her behind, she has plenty of time to contemplate their relationship. This reflection is aided with the assistance of the old yellow telephone she used to talk with her now husband back when their relationship was brand new.

Why I Am Recommending: Of any of the Rainbow Rowell books I have read, I was most skeptical of this one, but my trust in her writing convinced me to give it a try. As always, it was another great one. This story explores a relationship that began in college and spans over the course of time leading them to their young family life. Their relationship has developed a wedge in it and their paths continue to diverge. Although she uses a magical phone to tell the beginning of their relationship, and I thought it might be hokey, I loved reliving the development of a relationship from new to committed. Any person in a committed relationship will be able to connect with this book and take a few lessons from it.

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