The Age of Miracles by Karen Thompson Walker

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Title: The Age of Miracles

Author: Karen Thompson Walker

Published: June 2012

Rating: ★★★★

Summary: Julia is an 11-year-old navigating adolescence in suburban California. What makes Julia’s story unique, is that she is coming of age in a time when it is discovered that the world’s spinning has slowed. This novel follows Julia as she negotiates growing up and the ever-changing world in which she is living.

Why I Am Recommending: I love a child’s voice in a novel. I like to see the world through their eyes. That perspective is made even more interesting as Julia experiences the impact of the slowing earth in addition to her take on other, more traditional rights of passage. Julia is a very likable character with whom I could easily connect with my younger self. I also found the slowing of the earth to be very realistic and therefore scary. I still don’t feel quite right about extra hot days or warm days in the winter because of this book. I thought this was a very thoughtful book and I loved the way the book ended.

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