Second Chance Summer by Morgan Matson

Second Chance
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Title: Second Chance Summer

Author: Morgan Matson

Published: May 2012

Rating: ★★★★

Summary: When Taylor’s dad gets a grim prognosis, the family uproots themselves for the summer to spend it together at their lake house in the Poconos. Taylor has to face how she left things when she was last at the lake house 5 summers ago while she and her family come to terms with reality.

Why I Am Recommending: As the weather has turned warmer, I was drawn to a book about summer vacation. It was a bonus that this book was set in a locale not too far from my home, which made it easier for me to envision the characters and the setting. I found this story to be really heart warming. The heartbreaking situation Taylor’s family was in plucked at my heart strings and fully engaged my tear ducts. This book had everything I love, first love and emotionality. There were great characters throughout the book and I really felt like I understood Taylor. Her relationship with her dad was very sweet and I liked seeing her relationship develop with her siblings. Morgan Matson does a great job nailing what I remember being that age to be like. Her books always fill me with nostalgia, and this book is no different. 

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