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@readitrecommendit My Bullet Journal spread for books I want to read.

One of my favorite ways to spend my time (other than reading) is looking for new books to read. The amazing thing about literature is the vast sea of possibilities. Sometimes that vast sea can be overwhelming and so I need a place to start sifting through all of the options that are out there. There are easy places to look for books like best seller lists, but I don’t always find my tastes aligning with what literary fiction or thriller novel is blazing through the charts. I am in a constant search for my next great read. I keep track of books I am interested in reading mainly through Goodreads, but my high priority books to read are entered into my Bullet Journal. Although I find new books from many sources, the main ways I learn about new books come from 5 places.

1. Instagram

I am all about the ‘gram. It is such a great way to see what others are reading and books that are upcoming releases. I also love seeing the beautiful bookish photos from the many bookstagram accounts out there. Every day I find a new account, but here are some of my very favorite accounts as of today:

  • Industry accounts

    • @penguinrandomhouse This account is from a trade publisher with some of the most popular books out there like Fates and Furies, Behold the Dreamers, Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine.
    • @penguinteen I do love a good YA novel, and this publisher has some of the best! Some examples of the authors they work with are Sarah Dessen, John Green, Marie Lu, Renee Ahdieh.
    • @riverheadbooks I love the photos featured on this publisher’s account. They have some big name books (Paula Hawkins, Emma Straub, Khaled Hosseini), but I also like that their books are a little more hidden gem-esque.
    • @touchstonebooks They bill themselves as the “cool kids” at Simon & Shuster, and I’d have to agree. Their photos are always fun, plus I appreciate that their books aren’t on everyone’s hot reads. 
  • #Bookstagram accounts

    • @foldedpagesdistillery The photos on this account are full of fun items, but I mostly like this account because I jive with her taste. 
    • @bookwormeverlasting I love her photos, very understated and beautiful. I have also found many a-book from her.
    • @celinereads OMG her account is full of fun color and accessories. She has a very clear look and is easy to spot in my feed. Great source of YA books.
    • @booksandpolkadots This account has a steady stream of different book titles on her feed. The books are from many different genres and is a good way to help me break out of my go-to genres.

2. Blogs

While I am on Instagram every day and get good ideas for books to read, blogs give me a more in-depth understanding of new books. Blogs are also a bit more personal and I feel much more connected and loyal to the bloggers I follow. I love reading about their insights and have found a few go-to blogs to help me find my next read.

  • Modern Mrs. Darcy This is a very well-known blogger, at least I think she is, but she has great book lists. I also like her lifestyle posts that also usually intertwine with reading. This is a good spot to find literary fiction recommendations.
  • The Perpetual Page-Turner This is a blog full of fun reads with a strong YA slant. The look of the blog is very fresh, clean, and girly. I also follow her on Goodreads and keep an eye on what she is reading and wants to read since I find I have similar book tastes. 
  • Omnivoracious This is Amazon’s Book Review blog and I like to glance at this to see what’s new and upcoming. This is also a good way for me to look at books outside of my usual genre comfort zones. 
  • WordPress Reader I usually spend some time each day scrolling through my WordPress Reader to see posts from blogs I follow and taking a look at some of my favorite tags like Books, Book Recommendation, 5 Stars…all of which I use.

3. Booktube

This is a brand new concept for me. I have read about this thing called “booktube” in book blogs and on Instagram, so I decided to take a quick peek at what was out there. I got instantly sucked into it and didn’t come out for several hours. In particular, these channels really spoke to me. I basically just watch with my GoodReads app open and ready to log new books to my TBR list from them.

  • PeruseProject Regan is super up-beat and passionate about books. Her specialty is fantasy, although she discusses many genres. She has great recommendations.
  • A Clockwork Reader Hannah has such a soothing voice, which I know sounds weird, but is an important factor as to whether or not I will watch a video. Hannah speaks so descriptively and eloquently about the books she reads that I can’t help but get excited about whatever she is discussing.

4. Pinterest & Goodreads

What self-respecting bookworm doesn’t spend time on Pinterest and Goodreads looking for books? I love seeing what my friends are reading and I like to browse through book lists that have been curated on Pinterest. I also follow my favorite bloggers if they have Pinterest and/or Goodreads accounts.

5. Bookstores

I have traveled extensively for work over the past 9 years and have found one of the best ways to kill time is by browsing books in a bookstore. No matter what city or small town I find myself in, I know I can always feel comfortable inside of a bookstore. I don’t often buy books in a physical bookstore unless they are used, but I do like seeing what’s for sale and checking out other books by my favorite authors.

As you can see, I spend a lot of time perusing book recommendations, but I know I’m not alone in this endeavor. I would love to hear about some places you have had luck finding books!

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