August 2017 Wrap Up

August 17 Wrap

August is a great transition month for me. It is the end of summer, but it is also the beginning of the school year. I work at a University and my husband works in a primary school, so our lives and schedules revolve around the academic calendar. It has been great getting back into the swing of the ordinary day during the school year. I love reconnecting with students who have been away for the summer and sharing with them the optimism of a fresh school year with nothing but hope and plans. Also, there was an eclipse this month! I normally don’t buy into things like this, thinking they are just that…something to buy into, but the eclipse was real deal amazing. I live in an area that had only 80% totality, but even still, putting on those dorky eclipse glasses and seeing the sun in that special, crescent way was pretty mind-blowing. Really makes you realize how amazing life is. Looking forward to April 8, 2024, the next total eclipse, which should be really good in my area. Anyway, here is a list of the books I read during this month. As you can see I had my ups and downs with this lot of books (my take on each book linked):

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