Book Recommendation: Words in Deep Blue by Cath Crowley

Words in Deep Blue

Title: Words in Deep Blue

Author: Cath Crowley

Published: June 2017

Rating: ★★★★★

Summary: Before Rachel and her family moved away from the city to the ocean side, she left a love letter for her best friend Henry in a book in his family bookshop. He never replied to her profession of love. Returning years later after her brother recently drowned and her life has fallen apart, she begrudgingly takes a job at Henry’s bookshop. Rachel has changed and so have her feelings about Henry.

Why I Am Recommending: I was caught of guard by how much I loved this book. I couldn’t put it down and when I did I had that wonderful afterglow of a truly heartwarming read. Cath Crowley’s writing is fantastic! I have never read anything by her, or heard of her before this book, but I was blown away by the way her writing built this story. She writes with a very simple sentence structure which acts like layers being quickly added to provide texture to the story and the characters. Every once in a while she will write the most beautiful sentence that makes you reread it and serves as the perfect top layer. As for the story itself, it seemed very realistic with really relatable and flawed characters. It seemed completely plausible that Rachel and Henry and George and Martin all exist somewhere in the world. Bonus points for the strong focus on literature. I always appreciate a book that has characters that like to read, but in this book, the literature quoted and the way books are used is in a way I haven’t seen before. It makes you consider the power of a book or a passage in describing life and making you want to share it with the ones you love. Henry and Rachel’s relationship is not straight forward and I really enjoyed having each of their perspectives serving as narrator to get a read on where they stand with the other. The story also uses letter writing between characters, which are put into books in the Letter Library of the bookshop. Reading through those sweet letters was a joy. In case you can’t tell, I just totally am all about this book. It is pretty unusual for me to give out 5 stars, especially to a YA book, but this one earned it.

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