HCM Review: Marry Me at Christmas


Marry Me At ChristmasThe movie opens showing shots of a charming little town snuggled in at the foot of majestic California mountains. There you meet Maddie in one of the quaint town’s store fronts decorating her wedding dress shop for Christmas and fretting about the future of her business. The town of Fool’s Gold is a festive one. As the camera pans around this town, you will see every square inch of its adorable facades decorated with wreaths, garland, Christmas lights, ornaments, bows, and the like. Into her store walks a young couple who are planning their last minute wedding and are looking for help in pulling it all together. Well I’ll be! Perhaps this is the answer to Maddie’s struggling business–expanding to wedding planning! Then you meet Johnny Blake, famous Hollywood actor, having a power lunch with his agent in the fast-moving, big city of Los Angeles. Johnny is sick of this town and the way everyone wants something from him. So he decides to get away from the big city and head to the country to help his sister plan her Christmas wedding. And so begins this Hallmark Channel Movie, which debuted on October 28th as the first movie of the Christmas Countdown’s very, very long season.

Johnny and his sister, Ginger, are very close since they lost their parents when they were both young. Johnny is used to taking care of Ginger and so he has decided to pay for his baby sister’s wedding and as such becomes quite involved in the planning. This offers plenty of opportunities for Johnny and Maddie to get to know each other through meal tastings, venue selecting, and wedding dress shopping. When they start to recognize the feelings they have for one another, Maddie says ‘no thank you’ for fear of their differing lifestyles and likely heartbreak.

I actually found this movie to be pretty enjoyable. Trevor Donovan and Rachel Skarsten had chemistry and the story line wasn’t completely trite. The town of Fool’s Gold, though, is a bit over the top. I was really wondering if the whole town shuts down before Christmas or if maybe no one actually had a job, because they rock like a Christmas festival a day. There was a craft fair, a dessert potluck, a Christmas tree lighting ceremony, Santa randomly riding through town on a sleigh, and several other Christmas activities. Basically, this town lives for Christmas. Fun fact, this movie was based on a book by Susan Mallery, and is book #19 in her Fool’s Gold series.

This movie also had some classic HCM components, but not as many as most movies had. Here are some of the HCM standards featured in this movie:

  • Character escapes the harsh world of the big city to a small, quaint town where the living is easy.
  • Multiple opportunities to showcase how a character (in this case Johnny) interacts sweetly with children and dogs, thus showing they are kine and loving individuals. Awwwwwe.
  • A festival takes place (make that like 30 festivals in the case of this town).

Like I said, this movie wasn’t as cheesy as they often can be, and maybe being based on a book helped with that. If you see this movie on, I would say it is a safe one to watch. You might even enjoy it!

Did you watch it? What did you think? If you haven’t seen it and would like to, check out the showtime schedule here.

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