TBR: October 2017

TBR October 2017

I have a growing stack of books I have bought, but haven’t read. In an attempt to make a dent in both the books I have lying around and my TBR list, I am going to declare this month OWNtober, which I have seen other bloggers coin. I will put my blinders on and have eyes only for the books that I already own. I am really excited to do this, because every time I walk by a clustering of my books I haven’t read I feel a tinge of guilt and also a tinge of longing for what great story is waiting to be told. Here are a few of the books I plan to get to this month in the spirit of OWNtober: Continue reading

September 2017 Wrap Up


Wrap Up September 17

Although most of this month felt like the dog days of summer, the weather has broken and fall has finally arrived to take us into October. September was a busy month for me personally and professionally. As a result, I didn’t have enough time as I would have liked to read and blog, but the books I did read were mostly ones I really liked. Keeping this one short and sweet, here is a look at the books I read this month with my review linked to each: Continue reading