HCM Review: A Song for Christmas


A Song for ChristmasSinging by a fire! Sleigh rides! Snow in a small town! Saving the family farm! All riveting moments in the latest trite holiday movie by Hallmark Channel. When we first meet Adelaide Key, up and coming country music star, she is doing an interview on TV, being overseen by her pushy manager. Her manager is trying to convince her to lie about a fake relationship with another country star in the hopes of helping both of their careers. Adelaide doesn’t feel comfortable about this lie or singing songs she hasn’t written, but she is reminded about how much success she has seen because of these very things. Next, Adelaide and her team load a tour bus en route from Nashville to Philadelphia for a country Christmas show. The crew stops in a small town in Virginia along the way, to stay over night in a quaint B & B. Adelaide decides to go outside for a walk and happens upon a handsome cowboy leaning against his red pick-up truck, strumming a few chords on his guitar, while waiting for his truck to fill up with gas (totally natural, right?). Adelaide immediately declares his few chords brilliant and full of talent, but I think she may have just been in a daze after seeing this cowboy’s dazzling white teeth and incredible head of hair. The next morning, while her crew is loading the tour bus, she wanders a bit as she sees townspeople setting up for a Christmas tree lighting festival (yesssss!). It is then that she sees the aforementioned guitar strumming cowboy, begins chatting with him, and then the next thing she knows the bus has left without her, stranding her in this impossibly cute and snowy small town.

While trying to figure out what to do (her cell phone was left on the bus), she meets a teen girl who ends up inviting her back to her family’s farm while Adelaide waits for her ride to come back. When she introduces herself, she take the opportunity to hide her country star identity for the subtle, ‘Addie.’ When Addie arrives at this adorably cute Christmas tree farm, she is surprised to find that the handsome cowboy also lives at this farm, and introduces himself as Dillon Lapp. The family immediately takes to this city girl and insists she sticks around. From there, Addie becomes part of hatching a plan to help save the struggling farm, and in the process becomes part of the family. They even let her hang the Christmas ornament on their tree that they always save for last as “tradition.” She also works hard to encourage Dillon to follow his music dreams in Nashville, while they work on writing a Christmas song together.

Guys, this movie was so bad. It is full of the cheesiest lines and boring, predictable plots. I rolled my eyes so much at this movie and laughed out loud at the ridiculousness. There are also a lot of times when implausible time and space bending was done. In other words, the writers of the film clearly didn’t care to explain how a person got from point A to B in an impossible timeline. I feel like they just threw the towel in on this one and were like, meh, no one will notice/care. I actually feel insulted that Hallmark thinks so little of their audience. The only good thing about this movie is Bev, the local store owner who basically is the unsung hero of the movie, coming through in a pinch every time to save the day and get no credit. An honorable mention goes to the random guy without an ounce of acting ability that pops up the whole movie waiting to provide sleigh rides. Ugh…it was just so bad.

And now for the HCM standards that were featured in this movie:

  • Main character leaves the big city for a small town – ✔
  • Secret identity – ✔
  • A festival takes place – ✔
  • Sleigh rides – ✔
  • Interrupted kiss – ✔
  •  Saving the family farm/or something like it – ✔

My best recommendation? Keep changing the the channel if you come upon this movie. Trust me, you deserve better.

If I haven’t talked you out of it and you would still like to know when you can watch this train-wreck of a movie, you can find the schedule here.

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