HCM Review: A Gift to Remember


A Gift to RememberThis was a movie after my own heart. Set in the City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia, the city I call home, this movie was another charmer this season from Hallmark. Darcy is a committed bookstore employee. She loves all things bookish and is pretty content with her quiet life. Everything begins to change for Darcy when she runs into a person and his dog while riding her bike one day, rendering the insanely handsome man unconscious. The handsome man’s phone and wallet get caught in a stream of water and is lost forever when it flows into a storm drain, making the man not only handsome, but a mystery. Darcy takes the dog, Bailey (he had a tag), and tries to follow unconscious, handsome, mystery man to the hospital, but since she has no relation to him or even knows his name, the hospital says nope.

This triggers Darcy to begin a fact-finding mission to discover who this guy is, which leads her to his home where she finds him to be a PR consultant for her favorite author. She gets a call from the hospital saying the unconscious, handsome, mystery man is no longer unconscious, but is still both handsome and a mystery because fella has caught himself a case of amnesia, but is asking for his dog. This gives Darcy a chance to talk to the handsome, mystery man and begin a friendship based around searching for pieces to the puzzle of who he really is.

I quite enjoyed this movie and was pleasantly surprised with its original plot. I don’t believe I have seen this story done on Hallmark Channel in the past. I also appreciated that I was unable to predict any of the plot twists, of which there were many. I am usually very good at calling the plot of HCMs, but am always pleased with the writers outsmart me. The acting was solid and the writing wasn’t totally trite. I also really loved this clean, friendly version of Philadelphia they portrayed. They were missing the classic Philly accents and local verbiage, but it was cool to see shots of City Hall and the Parkway on Hallmark. I don’t think I have ever seen another Hallmark Channel movie set in Philadelphia, so that was another first.

Although this was a higher quality HCM, it still featured some HCM standards:

  • The romantic leads physically run into each other for their meet-cute – ✔
  • Main character’s parents are dead – ✔
  • Interrupted Kiss – ✔ ✔
  • Culminating festival/event – ✔

A Gift to Remember debuted on November 19th and stars Ali Liebert and Peter Porte (he is like insanely good looking–enjoy!).

Have you seen this one? If not and you would like to check it out, you can find the schedule here.

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