HCM Review: A Bramble House Christmas


A Bramble House ChristmasWhen I watched the Countdown to Christmas preview show (yeaaaa…I am slightly ashamed about that), I quickly identified A Bramble House Christmas as a movie I knew I was going to like. It stars one of my favorite HCM actresses, Autumn Reeser, whose movies I always like. I am happy to say it did not let me down. This movie is about single mother, Willa Fairchild, and her son Scout, who are struggling to make ends meet in Minneapolis. Willa and Scout are coming off of a rough couple of years due to Scout being ill and finances being tight. When a recent patient, Mr. Conrad, leaves her $100,000 and a 2-week, all expenses trip to a charming small town B&B, Willa jumps at the chance to provide a special Christmas for her and her son.

Mr. Conrad’s children, on the other hand, are not thrilled that their father left his nurse such a generous portion of his will, especially since they barely knew their estranged father. Finn, Conrad’s son, decides he is going to confront this Willa Fairchild at Bramble House and slap her with an injunction to challenge the will and prevent the funds from being paid out. Finn packs his bags and heads to Bramble House, where he quickly meets Willa and her adorable son Scout. In an effort to get Willa to share how she duped his father, he begins hanging out with her and her son. He just might find something different than what he expects (wink, wink).

This was a sweet little movie that even caused me to tear up a couple of times. The story is compelling and heartwarming. The setting is beautiful and the acting is on point (in terms of HCMs). Let’s take a look at some of the HCM standards featured in this movie:

  • City folk travel to a small town – ✔
  • Carriage Ride – ✔
  • Reference to and execution of a Christmas Wish – ✔
  • Ice Skating – ✔
  • Culminating festival/event – ✔ (this is actually a bit of a stretch because it is a really low key event, but I am going to count it)

A Bramble House Christmas debuted on November 19 and stars Autumn Reeser and David Haydn-Jones.

Have you seen it? If you would like to watch, check out the schedule for this movie here.

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