Book Review: Beasts of Extraordinary Circumstances by Ruth Emmie Lang

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Title: Beasts of Extraordinary Circumstances

Author: Ruth Emmie Lang

Published: November 2017

Rating: ★★★★

Summary: Orphaned as a young boy, Weylyn Grey was taken in and raised by a pack of wolves. So begins the extraordinary tale of a peculiar boy who grows up to be a peculiar man with unusual abilities. His story is told from the perspectives of several people he leaves an impression on throughout the years, including the many who share with him the power of human love.

Thoughts: This was such a unique story. Truly a one-of-a-kind tale. Getting to know Weylyn through the eyes of others was a delightful way to get to know him. Through rumors and encounters, the mystique of Weylyn unfolds before you. While you are trying to figure out Weylyn you also get the chance to meet really wonderful characters. Some of the characters who serve as narrator are only in the book for a short time, while others appear throughout Weylyn’s life, but no matter how long you have with the narrator you get to savor their own stories. I was impressed with how I was able to feel engaged and connected with each and every person that tells part of Weylyn’s story. This book has some magical elements, but Lang unveils Weylyn’s magical tendencies with such precision that it felt natural and almost plausible. Weylyn’s connection to animals and the nature around him provided a wonderful setting full of lush descriptions of the natural world. This story is full of whimsy, discovery, nature, and quirky, lovable characters, but at its core, this story is a love story.

The writing in this book is top notch. It’s one of those experiences when you almost forget there is an author; the barrier of an author falls away as you get immersed in the story. This story was heartwarming and at times heartbreaking. It addresses the question of whether a human, even one raised by wolves, can thrive without connection with other humans. This book shares a spotlight on really good people who have open hearts and are willing to welcome and love a person who is different from themselves. Sometimes, especially right now, you need a story to remind you how great human kind can be. I gave the book 4 stars, but if I could figure out how to make a half star I would have gone with a rating of 4.5. It’s really good. Read it.

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