HCM Review: Magical Christmas Ornaments

Magial Christmas OrnamentsWhat a terrible name for a movie. Hallmark Channel is lucky that I like Jessica Lowndes, because otherwise I don’t know that I would have even looked at the summary of a film by that name. This is the movie that follows Lowndes’ character, Marie, who is a hard-working book publisher who has become a bit of a Scrooge about all things Christmas. Marie hasn’t always been a Scrooge though, she once was the picture of a Christmas elf, until one day when her heart was broken by her beloved on Christmas Eve. Ever since then, she lost her Christmas cheer, not even buying a tree (gasp!). In an effort to help her daughter rediscover the magic of Christmas, Marie’s mom thoughtfully sends her ornaments (shameless Hallmark ornament plug) with notes about memories from Christmas’ past. This is actually an incredibly thoughtful and generous gift–Marie’s mom is going above and beyond for her grumpy daughter. Marie’s lack of Christmas cheer is also concerning to her cute next door neighbor, Nate. He is on a mission to help Marie find her Christmas spirit and begins by buying her a Christmas tree to place all of the ornaments her mom has been sending her. He even helps her decorate her tree with his left over lights and garland. While Marie begins to notice that she really enjoys Nate’s company, she also starts to notice that the ornaments her mom sends her are mysteriously connected to events that are happening in her present.

This is a simple HCM that was solidly enjoyable with decent performances. Jessica Lowndes is really likable and sort of adds a level of believability through her acting chops. Sometimes it seems like what she is saying or doing could actually be natural reactions and not just from a script. I have not seen a movie with the male lead, Brendan Penny, but thought he was also a likable performer. Overall, something I enjoyed and would say is worth watching once.

Let’s take a look at the HCM standards that were visible in this movie:

  • Romantic leads physically bump into each other – ✔
  • Interrupted kiss (sort of) – ✔
  • Ice Skating – ✔
  • Culminating festival/event – ✔
  • Christmas magic – ✔

Magical Christmas Ornaments debuted on December 3 and stars Jessica Lowndes and Brendan Penny.

Have you seen this movie? What did you think? If you haven’t seen it but would like to, you can check out the movie’s schedule here.

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