Book Review: Gathering Darkness by Morgan Rhodes


Title: Gathering Darkness

Author: Morgan Rhodes

Published: December 2014

Rating: ★★★★

I would recommend reading further only if you have read Falling Kingdoms (Falling Kingdoms #1) and Rebel Spring (Falling Kindgoms #2).

Summary: The hunt for the Kindred is on and each person in the pursuit has their own plan for the power they anticipate gaining. With the stakes this high, it is becoming more and more difficult to know who to trust, who to manipulate, and who to get rid of. Jonas continues with this small crew after failed attempts of rebellion with a new agenda; Cleo is becoming more and more isolated and in need of someone to trust; Magnus is struggling with his masks and deciding who he should become; and Lucia is fighting to figure out where she ends and her dark magic begins.

My Thoughts: This was a more subtle book in a series that typically contains a lot of action. This book focused much more on the nuances of the complicated webs of relationships between the characters. The Kindred pursuit really ramps up, and with it comes really high stakes secrets that test the relationships and trust between sets of characters. In some ways, a lot happens, but compared to the other books, there is way less action. You spend a lot more time learning about the legends and truths of the Watchers and the Kindred. The Watcher chapters are my least favorites throughout all of these books, so with this third installation featuring them so much more frequently, it was sometimes a struggle for me to enjoy this book as much as the other ones. Nevertheless, you do get a fuller picture of the magical Mytican world, which is essential when exploring the Kindred and trying to understand them. This book also spends more time with the Kraeshian Prince and Princess, even giving them turns of narration. You never quite know where these two stand or what their motives are and even with them serving as narrators, you still feel unsure about whether or not to trust them. Another focus of this book is that Morgan Rhodes really starts to explore some of the romantic ties between certain characters. I love romance in a book. In fact, I sometimes find it hard to get into a book that doesn’t have any sort of romantic relationship. That being said, as much as I wanted to get on board with the romances, the way in which they unfold shows that romance is not Rhodes’ strong suit. Critiques of this series often point to the flaws of her sometimes “insta-love” connections, and while I agree, I am still loyal to this series and think there are enough strengths elsewhere, that I can move past that issue. Although you can tell this wasn’t my favorite of this series and I found it less exciting, it was still enjoyable and there are still many people that die, so don’t worry!

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