Book Review: Eight Hundred Grapes by Laura Dave

Eight Hundred Grapes

Title: Eight Hundred Grapes

Author: Laura Dave

Published: June 2015

Rating: ★★★★

Summary: During her wedding dress fitting, Georgia discovers her fiancé is hiding something big from her. She flees L.A., still in her dress, and heads home to Sonoma to seek solace. Her family owns a vineyard in Sonoma and when she returns she finds that not everything is as she left it. While trying to decide what to do about her fiancé’s betrayal she also does some exploration about what she really wants in life.

Thoughts: I wasn’t anticipating enjoying this book based on the lower GoodReads rating, but I drew it from my TBR jar so I decided to give it a whirl. I ended up really enjoying this story! The situation that drives Georgia home initially seems like a done deal, no need for even considering other options, but as the story comes to light and then her fiancé tries to put the pieces back together, you realize how hard it is to find the right and wrong of it. This story and this deceit isn’t black and white. I ebbed and flowed alongside Georgia as she processed all the components of this complicated situation. Georgia’s family played a great part in this story adding dimension to Georgia. I also really liked the flashbacks throughout different points of her parents’ relationship, which really helps to underscore how life is complicated and when it comes to matters of the heart there aren’t right and wrong decisions, just the decisions that you make and the trajectory that sends you on. Her parents’ story sort of showed you the result of deciding about whether to build a life with one person versus another, the very decision Georgia is trying to make. This was much more of a thought-provoking novel than I expected and it really resonated with me. Plus, it really makes me want to visit Sonoma and I may have drank a bit more wine that usual while reading it.

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