Book Review: Crystal Storm by Morgan Rhodes

Crystal Storm

Title: Crystal Storm (Falling Kingdoms, #5)

Author: Morgan Rhodes

Published: December 2016

Rating: ★★★★

I would recommend reading further only if you have read the first 4 books in the Falling Kingdoms series.

Summary: With Amara in power over Mytica, Cleo and Magnus team up with friend and foe to find a way to get rid of her. Magnus and Cleo are in uncharted territory with their relationship, but their boat is further shaken when they learn about a curse that might threaten Cleo’s life. Lucia is trying to redeem herself after wreaking havoc with the fire kindred.

Thoughts: It took me a long time to read this installment, nearly three full weeks. To compare, the other 4 books each took me less than a week to read. It wasn’t that this book was longer, it was just that this book was more subtle and less page-turning provoking. Plus, I happened to have an insanely busy period at work and personally during that time. This book moves at a much slower pace. It’s all about getting the pieces into position for the final book. I ultimately enjoyed it, but my disparity of enjoyment is growing. I enjoy some parts immensely, while other parts I skim through. I am also starting to get annoyed with all these dead characters that somehow come back to life. One character, okay…but like every character? Come on! In previous reviews I mentioned that the Watcher chapters were my least favorite. That continues to be the case, but now add on Lucia’s. I did not vibe with her at all and mostly just wanted to rush through her POV chapters. Her situation is tiresome and she intersects with the Watchers so often, it just compounds to be meh for me. To be honest, I’m mostly just in it for Magnus and Cleo. I love watching them negotiate being in this together, caring for each other, and trying to figure out their relationship. I also felt mostly confident in their feelings for each other, but like the characters themselves, I couldn’t help but question if this is some grand ploy that they are plotting to trick the other. I kept going back and forth on this, especially as their paths cross with other characters who still believed Magnus and Cleo hated each other. The end of this book is heart stopping. Although most of the book is slow going and all about getting characters into position, the last few chapters are action-packed and the last few sentences of the book had my heart pounding. I have the sixth and final installment on hold at the library and I am anxiously awaiting to see how the cliffhanger gets resolved and ultimately, how the series ends.

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