Book Review: Worth the Wait by Jamie Beck

Worth the Wait

Title: Worth the Wait

Author: Jamie Beck

Published: March 2015

Rating: ★★

Summary: Vivi grew up with just her dad, who was well-meaning, but a drunk. When she was in middle school, he moved them to a new town where she knew no one. She was lonely and a little gawky. Everything started to look up though when she met Cat St. James, who stood up for Vivi and welcomed her into her family as a surrogate sibling. Vivi fell in love with the St. James family, but none more than the oldest kid, David. Her pining for David started when she was 13, never a secret in the family, and continued for 13 more years. Try as she may, she just can’t shake the unrequited crush. When Cat invites Vivi to their Block Island home for a week long vacation, Vivi has to prepare herself to see David after their last awkward encounter and meet his new girlfriend.

Thoughts: I lost some brain cells reading all the way through this book. I am actually surprised I made it. It was not particularly well-written, the story was mostly predictable, and as many reviewers on GoodReads point out, there is a completely unnecessary subplot. Vivi also seemed a bit desperate to me. She hung around hoping for David to throw her a bone, which he did time and again, just enough to keep her coming back for more. I didn’t find their relationship dynamic to be healthy and I wasn’t completely rooting for them. I was rooting for Vivi to be a bit stronger and asserting herself as less needy and more independent. It’s not a great read, but it is set on Block Island, which I liked.

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