Book Recommendation: Roomies by Christina Lauren


Title: Roomies

Author: Christina Lauren

Published: December 2017

Rating: ★★★★

Summary: Holland Bakker has an intense crush on the NYC subway troubadour. She goes out of her way to cross his path, learning his schedule, and becoming an avid fan of his guitar playing. When he steps in to save her from a subway attack, it starts a force drawing them together. Holland has a chance to help the guitarist, Calvin, follow his dreams by marrying him to keep him in the United States. As their friendship deepens, Holland starts to realize it’s time for her to follow her own dream.

Thoughts: Christina Lauren is always good for a fun, rom-com read. I am a sucker for the fake relationship trope used in this contemporary romance, and I thought this was an especially fun version. I will be the first to admit that Broadway musicals are not my thing, but it made for a great setting for this story and gave me some insight into what people find so exciting about that scene. Holland was a pretty entitled character, enjoying in the successes of her uncles to help her pay for her rent and expenses, sort of just floating around without direction. What made her entitlement more palatable was that she was aware of it and slightly embarrassed that she didn’t support herself. Throughout the story her arc was definitely about shaking off the apathy and pulling herself up by her bootstraps to find success in her own right. I found her character tremendously likable. Her internal dialogue helped to reveal her flaws and vulnerabilities. Her uncles were great supporting characters that added reason to her life. Her friendship with a lifelong friend in the story (can’t remember her name) was effective in showing Holland’s growth throughout the course of the novel. And then there’s Calvin. I was swooning over Calvin right there with Holland. He was a bit mysterious, Irish, and a musician–hard to resist! In fair warning, this is a romance novel, but like other Christina Lauren, it is story-driven and a good solid read, but beware if you are not up for a romance that this book is about 90% contemporary chick lit and 10% romance novel.

In related news, in May it was shared that this book has been picked up for a potential movie. Jenna Dewan’s production company, Everheart Productions, has picked it up and even named a director. Now to find out the cast!!! Any guesses/hopes?

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