Book Review: The Map That Leads to You by J.P. Monniger


Title: The Map That Leads to You

Author: J.P. Monniger

Published: June 2017

Rating: ★★★

Summary: Heather and her two best friends just graduated from Amherst College. In the summer that follows, they go on an adventure traveling through Europe before they have to begin their Adult lives. When Heather meets the handsome Jack on a train to Amsterdam, her zipped-up, planned out life is challenged and she throws herself into a sweeping romance. The real world, however, is knocking, and so is her job at Bank of America, so she needs to make a decision about what her future looks like.

Thoughts: I picked up this book at the library last August and although the premise sounded utterly delicious, I never got to it. I recently saw a copy of this book at Costco and decided to give it another spot on my TBR list. I was ready for a light, predictable romance that would leave me smiling. I was grinning the whole time I was reading much of this story. Jack was exceedingly romantic and set with the lovely backdrop of the ancient streets of Europe had me floating on a cotton-candy cloud. Eventually, the book smashes up against reality and although the turn of events was not entirely surprising, it was a bit of a grinding halt compared to the rest of the book. During this time, Heather just seems to be in a fog and the book is weirdly told in second person, but in a way that Heather is trying to put you in her shoes from her first person narration. I don’t know, this part of the book told in a weird voice seemed too long to me. I can’t decide if I wish this part of the book was shorter or if the pacing of it was intentional and effective in illustrating how Heather experienced this time — it felt long, which might be the point because that time felt long to Heather, too. I also didn’t completely love the way the book ended and I think endings are so important! I want the book to finish in a befitting way, and to me the end of this book did not jive with the rest of the book.

So do I think this book met my expectations of being a light, predictable romance that would leave me smiling? It met that expectation about 80% of the way. I wanted to love this book, but I just liked it.

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