Lesser-Known Books by Well-Known Authors: Katherine Center


Katherine Center’s 2018 release, How to Walk Away, was everywhere last year! Book of the Month selected it as one of their May 2018 books and the beautiful cover makes it irresistible. With a 4+ rating on Goodreads and over 19,000 ratings, it is safe to say that this is far and away Center’s most well-known book. She is releasing a highly anticipated book later in 2019 titled Things You Save In a Fire, that takes on the cover styling of How to Walk Away. Although How to Walk Away was a book I really enjoyed (see my post about it here) I have read a couple of other works by Center that were just as good and feature her sharp writing and likable characters that has made her one of my very favorite women’s literature authors and an auto-buy writer. So here are a couple of lesser-known books by the well-known author, Katherine Center:

Happiness for Beginners

HappienessHelen is a 32-year-old divorcee who feels like her life has stagnated. In an effort to jolt herself into a happier state-of-mind she decides to challenge herself by participating in a guided, intense adventure hike in the mountains. Out of her depth and comfort zone, Helen must navigate the great outdoors and her fellow hikers. Think a women’s fiction, less depressing version of Wild. Center does not shy away from the more unsavory elements of hiking for days on end (no showers, blisters, going to the bathroom), which makes if feel like it might actually represent a small bit of what a hike of that magnitude may really be like. There’s also a sweet romance and some serious tension that develops. I just absolutely loved this book and Helen! Check out my full review here.

The Lost Husband

Lost HusbandLibby is a widowed single mother of two after her husband dies suddenly in a car crash. She is living in a fog and in the home of her difficult mother just trying to get through the day. When her estranged aunt sends her a letter inviting her to live with her at her country farm, Libby packs the kids and jumps at the chance to get out of their funk and the grasp of her mother. Farm life is harder than she imagined and so is moving to a small town where everyone knows each other. Whether she is learning how to milk a goat, selling cheese at a farmer’s market or dealing with her child’s bully, she is finding herself sleeping better than she has in a long time and slowly making herself at home in this new place. P.S. This book is being made into a movie starring Josh Duhamel and Leslie Bibb!

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