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I’m pretty much always listening to an audiobook anymore. I have a pretty substantial commute to work each day, about 40 minutes each way, and it’s the only thing that keeps my road rage at bay. I really don’t typically mind the heavy traffic on my route to and from work when I have a story pumping through my speakers. I also motivate myself to get up from behind my desk for a half-hour walk most days at work with the promise of 30 minutes of listening to a book. Pretty much any activity is improved if I can involved my headphones and audiobook. I typically get my books from three main sources: Scribd, Hoopla, and Overdrive (Libby). Scribd is a subscription service that charges $8.99 each month for a pretty close to unlimited amount of audiobooks (they also have ebooks). Occasionally I get limited on Scribd, so for those times I head over to Hoopla and Overdrive’s Libby, which are both offered through my library. Between the three of them I am able to always have something to listen to for pretty minimal cost. Anyway, I’m a big fan of audiobooks and think that sometimes they add an extra bit of oomph to a story when the performance is on point. So with that in mind, here is my second volume of fantastic audiobooks (see volume one here):

Audio CrawdadsTitle: Where the Crawdads Sing

Author: Delia Owens

Narrator: Cassandra Campbell

Genre(s): Historical Fiction

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This is a beautiful book made even more beautiful by Cassandra Campbell’s narration. It’s like dripping honey as she lingers over Delia Owens’ prose. It’s a complete delight and an enhancement to an already fantastic book.

Audio LoveTitle: Love and Other Words

Author: Christina Lauren

Narrator: Erin Mallon

Genre(s): Contemporary Fiction, Women’s Fiction, Romance

Erin Mallon has a really crystal clear voice that helps give this story I already read and loved an extra boost. Christina Lauren have such a fun and quick-witted style that is so well suited for a strong delivery by a narrator. I loved this book already when I decided to do a reread with the audiobook and it really delivered.

Audio SandTitle: From Sand and Ash

Author: Amy Harmon

Narrator: Cassandra Campbell

Genre(s): Historical Fiction, World War II Fiction

Cassandra Campbell again here doing her thing. In this lovely and compelling historical fiction novel she takes on several accents beautifully. I loved hearing her say the Italian names and the voice she gave Eva Rosselli. Once again I think Cassandra really made a good book even better with her narrating prowess.

Audio To All The BoysTitle: To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before

Author: Jenny Han

Narrator: Laura Knight Keating

Genre(s): Young Adult, Contemporary Fiction, Young Adult Romance

I read this book series and wanted to reread, so I downloaded all three on audiobook. Laura Knight Keating has a cute-as-a-button, crystal clear voice, which is perfect for this adorable YA romance series. I love this series so much and can’t decide if I prefer the book experience or the audiobook experience, that’s how good the narration is.

Audio Hating GameTitle: The Hating Game

Author: Sally Thorne

Narrator: Katie Schorr

Genre(s): Contemporary Fiction, Romance

I also read this book in paperback before rereading via audiobook and now I think I prefer the audiobook. Katie Schorr just is Lucy Hutton to me. She’s got this tiny, feisty voice that I think just perfectly aligns with Lucy.

Audio Violet GrantTitle: The Secret Life of Violet Grant (The Schuyler Sisters)

Author: Beatriz Williams

Narrator: Kathleen McInerney

Genre(s): Historical Fiction, Women’s Fiction

So this is the first in a loose series (meaning you don’t have to read them together or in order) about these three sisters in 1960s New York/Boston. The books are really great historical fiction with a strong lean into the women’s fiction genre, and Kathleen McInerney has the PERFECT voice for this series. She is so good at changing it up depending on which character she is representing, plus she has a voice that I think is so quintessential-plucky-1960s-girl. Just a really good experience.

Audio TinyTitle: Tiny Little Things (The Schuyler Sisters)

Author: Beatriz Williams

Narrator: Kathleen McInerney

Genre(s): Historical Fiction, Women’s Fiction

See above, but I would just add that Kathleen does change up the voice of her narration for Tiny a touch to capture her softer, more demure personality compared to Vivian in the first book. I am right now listening to the third sister’s book, Along the Infinite Sea, and again, she manages to take a slightly different approach to give Pepper her jaunty personality.

Audio Harry PotterTitle: Harry Potter Series

Author: J.K. Rowling

Narrator: Jim Dale

Genre(s): Fantasy, Children’s Fiction

I mean, do I really need to convince anyone of this? My family has been trying to read through the whole series of Harry Potter this year, to varying levels of compliance…ahem.., and these audiobooks have been a God-send. Jim Dale is a master and helps to make these magically books just a touch more so with his talent.

Audio RoyalTitle: The Royal We

Authors: Heather Cocks, Jessica Morgan

Narrator: Christine Lakin

Genre(s): Women’s Fiction, Contemporary Fiction

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I love, love, love this book. I read it on ebook the first time through and loved it so much I bought the hardcover version with the intention of rereading. The length of the book was a bit daunting though for a reread, so I decided to go the audiobook route. This is such a fun book about a fictionalized version of Kate Middleton and Prince William and I think Christine Lakin did a great job living up to my hopes for this audiobook.

Audio Josh and HazelTitle: Josh and Hazel’s Guide to Not Dating

Author: Christina Lauren

Narrators: Todd Haberkorn, Jayme Mattler

Genre(s): Contemporary Fiction, Romance

I so love a book when there is dual narration with corresponding dual narrators, which I feel like is a rare breed, so when I see one I scoop it up. This is one of my favorite Christina Lauren books (up there with Love and Other Words) and I think the narration is just top notch on delivering their quick-paced writing and pop-culture-riddled references. I really would recommend any of the audiobooks for Christina Lauren as I have been pretty satisfied with the many I have listened to!

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  1. Mel, we must be related! I started listening to audiobooks during my 45-minute daily commute about a year ago and have moved continuously from one book to the next ever since. I often am in the midst of an audiobook, an ebook and a print book all at the same time. I listened to “My Name is Lucy Barton” with Mom last weekend and am listening to it again this week, remembering that shared experience. Thanks for the recommendations!

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