HCM Review: Magical Christmas Ornaments

Magial Christmas OrnamentsWhat a terrible name for a movie. Hallmark Channel is lucky that I like Jessica Lowndes, because otherwise I don’t know that I would have even looked at the summary of a film by that name. This is the movie that follows Lowndes’ character, Marie, who is a hard-working book publisher who has become a bit of a Scrooge about all things Christmas. Marie hasn’t always been a Scrooge though, she once was the picture of a Christmas elf, until one day when her heart was broken by her beloved on Christmas Eve. Ever since then, she lost her Christmas cheer, not even buying a tree (gasp!). Continue reading

HCM Review: A Bramble House Christmas


A Bramble House ChristmasWhen I watched the Countdown to Christmas preview show (yeaaaa…I am slightly ashamed about that), I quickly identified A Bramble House Christmas as a movie I knew I was going to like. It stars one of my favorite HCM actresses, Autumn Reeser, whose movies I always like. I am happy to say it did not let me down. This movie is about single mother, Willa Fairchild, and her son Scout, who are struggling to make ends meet in Minneapolis. Willa and Scout are coming off of a rough couple of years due to Scout being ill and finances being tight. When a recent patient, Mr. Conrad, leaves her $100,000 and a 2-week, all expenses trip to a charming small town B&B, Willa jumps at the chance to provide a special Christmas for her and her son. Continue reading

HCM Review: A Song for Christmas


A Song for ChristmasSinging by a fire! Sleigh rides! Snow in a small town! Saving the family farm! All riveting moments in the latest trite holiday movie by Hallmark Channel. When we first meet Adelaide Key, up and coming country music star, she is doing an interview on TV, being overseen by her pushy manager. Her manager is trying to convince her to lie about a fake relationship with another country star in the hopes of helping both of their careers. Adelaide doesn’t feel comfortable about this lie or singing songs she hasn’t written, but she is reminded about how much success she has seen because of these very things. Continue reading

HCM Review: Miss Christmas


Miss ChristmasHolly has the unique and obscure job of selecting the enormous Christmas tree that is displayed at the world-famous Radcliffe in Chicago (think NYC’s Rockefeller Center). Finding the perfect tree year after year is stressful, as evident by her busy, frenzied state when we first meet her in her office. Today is the day that the tree is getting cut down and begin its journey to Chicago, but things go array and suddenly a big portion of the tree is accidentally butchered rendering it unusable. Continue reading