HCM Review: Miss Christmas


Miss ChristmasHolly has the unique and obscure job of selecting the enormous Christmas tree that is displayed at the world-famous Radcliffe in Chicago (think NYC’s Rockefeller Center). Finding the perfect tree year after year is stressful, as evident by her busy, frenzied state when we first meet her in her office. Today is the day that the tree is getting cut down and begin its journey to Chicago, but things go array and suddenly a big portion of the tree is accidentally butchered rendering it unusable. Continue reading

New Series: Hallmark Channel’s Countdown to Christmas – Favorites


I have been a closeted Hallmark Channel Movie (HCM) watcher for 3 years. I started the same way many begin, through the gateway known as Hallmark’s Countdown to Christmas. This slippery slope envelopes you in 24 hours of light (and I mean light) and silly romantic movies building up a sense of Christmas festivity in your November and December months. I love snuggling up on the couch to watch a movie that is utterly predictable with recycled plot lines and mediocre acting. I hope you understand that I KNOW what a HCM is and what it isn’t. I am not under the impression that these are high quality movies with exceptional writing and stellar performances. I know they aren’t. In fact, I am sort of charmed by the fact that they aren’t. I have to admit though, since Countdown to Christmas has entered my life, I find myself slipping further into that special feeling of the holiday season.

My sister, knowing my secret love for these cheesy movies, challenged me to watch and rate this year’s HCM Countdown to Christmas movies. This is actually a really big undertaking as the Countdown to Christmas beings this weekend and continues through Christmas. This year, the network is debuting 21 movies over the course of 8ish weeks. 21!!!!! I am going to do my best, but that is like a lot of commitment to the Hallmark Channel. So check in here each week as I share my thoughts (which will likely be snarky) about the latest releases of HCMs for Christmas. To get you started, here is a peek at some of my favorite from years past that will surely be playing again through this year’s Countdown to Christmas: Continue reading