2019 Family Book Club Picks

My mom, sisters and I have been joined together in an unconventional book club since 2017. Though we live away from each other, in a 5-hour perfect, equilateral triangle, we come together via Facebook Messenger once a month to discuss our monthly book club pick. We each pick out three books per year and gift them to one another for a massive Christmas bookhaul. It’s been fun and although I can’t say I have read 100% of the books, it has given me the push to read books I may not have picked up or finished otherwise. For 2019, however, we have decided to do something a bit different… Continue reading

Book Haul: August 2017

Book Haul August 17

After discovering Book Outlet last month, I told myself I couldn’t buy any new books until I read a significant portion of that book haul. However, I didn’t know that I would stumble on an even cheaper book source, the book sale at my local library branch. I was shopping in town and overheard some women discussing volunteering at the book sale. I interrupted them, which is unlike me, and asked them to clarify what they meant by book sale. They directed me to our library. I go to the library a lot, but normally I just head straight for the holds, stop by the new releases, and then to the circulation desk. Little did I know, in the back of the library there was a room full of treasure that I could take home with me. I ended up snagging 6 books for $4, which I think barely breaks the promise I made regarding last month’s book haul. Below you will see the books I bought at the library along with some of the books I checked out from the library this month.
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List: Pivotal Books for Me


Reading didn’t come naturally to me. When I look at my nieces and nephews with their noses in a book since the moment they could read (some even before then) I regret that I wasn’t more like that as a kid. When I discussed this with one of my sisters recently, she observed that reading seems more popular for kids and teens today than it ever did when we were kids and teens ourselves. It’s hard to objectively comment on that idea since I clearly wasn’t in a circle that read often, so I decided to do a little research on the topic. I have discovered that reading was on a decline among children and teens throughout the 80s and 90s, which sort of makes sense when I think back to all of the reading programs in school and the amazingness that was Reading Rainbow (created in 1983). It wasn’t until a certain wizard appeared on the scene in the late 90s that this trend started to move in a positive direction making reading more prevalent again. It’s pretty amazing to think the impact a book or a series of books can have on the world. This has had me thinking about books that have changed my own reading trends and trajectory. What are those books that made me turn a corner, or summit a mountain on my reading journey and shaped me into the reader I am today?  Continue reading

List: Favorite Movies Adapted From Books


In honor of the movie Glass Castle coming out today, I thought I would make a list of some of my very favorite movies that were adapted from books. Making a movie from a book is a tumultuous endeavor on the part of the filmmakers, particularly for beloved books. Not every book has made a successful transformation to the silver screen. When I read a book I develop the author’s world into my head and assign faces to characters. I essentially make the movie my way, in my head. Nothing thrills me quite like finding out a book I love is becoming a movie. My expectations are great, perhaps unreasonably so, but in the end, here are a few books who have lived up to my hopes.  Continue reading