Favorite Summer Reads

Summer Reads

This summer was a good one for me. I spent a full, glorious, book and family-filled week at the beach as well as many days in my backyard reading on the hammock. I learned about sour and gose beers, finally got to see one of my favorite books turned into a movie (I’m looking at you, Lara Jean!), and moved my career in an upward trajectory. I also thumbed my way through 14 books between June 20 and September 21 and below is a look at the cream of the crop. Continue reading

Favorite Spring Reads

Spring Reads

Ugh…spring has not been my best reading season this year. I think I have experienced my first reading slump, and I’m still sort of in it. I was very busy with work during the spring and felt exhausted every night, not really wanting to spend time reading. I also don’t think my book choices helped my case. I had a hard time picking enough books for this post to constitute a list. Of the 12 books I read, 5 were rated 3 stars or less. Despite the reading struggle, there were a few that I enjoyed (reviews linked): Continue reading

Favorite Winter Reads

Winter Reads

Mercifully, winter is over. Now I just need the weather to get on board–we are at the very beginning of yet another snow storm! During this very wintry winter, I have taken solace in some really good reads. I have spent a good deal of time cuddled up under a blanket with my pup by my side making my way through the pages of books. I have read some really good ones this winter, but here are my favorites (reviews linked): Continue reading

2017 Book Wrap Up

Another year in the books. I have decided to stop remarking on how fast time goes by, so I won’t say that “I can’t believe 2017 is over!” Every year that passes, time seems to move even faster. I can’t say that 2017 was a momentous year for me, especially coming after my fantastic 2016 year, but 2017 held its own. One area that surged for me in 2017 was how many books I read, surpassing last year’s total by 25 books! Not having graduate school to contend with really opened up my schedule for spending more time reading for pleasure. I also devoted significantly more time to this blog, which has been a welcome addition to my bookish adventures. Continue reading

2017 Family Book Club Wrap Up


Our very first year as a book club has concluded! We started this book club as a way for my sisters, mom and I to stay connected even with the distance between us through our mutual love of books. We live in Rochester (NY), Pittsburgh (PA), and Philadelphia (PA), all of which are about 5-6 hours from each other in a triangle. We don’t get to see each other more than a few times a year, but video calling once a month has made the distance a bit easier this year. We spent time discussing each book, but inevitably our conversations would veer to other things and the kids pop on screen. It was a nice way to catch up each month beyond phone calls.

From a reading perspective, this book club helped me to read books I would not normally read. It also helped me finally read some books I have been wanting to read. Our book selections were fairly diverse in character experiences and locales around the world. Through our selections we visited Sweden, Appalachia, provincial England, Russia, pioneer Alaska, the wild west of America, Japan, and Nigeria. Our main characters ranged from teenagers to old curmudgeonly men. We also had the chance to see through the eyes of characters who come from cultures vastly different than our own. In essence, this year was everything I’d hoped from a book club. Continue reading

List: 6 Fantastic Audiobooks


Audiobooks can be the ugly-step-sister of the book world. Some people are purists about their literature and only consider reading the words of a book as acceptable. I say, okay whatever, to them. If you want to turn your nose up to audiobooks, that’s fine I guess, but I think audiobooks are a great addition to the literary world. I like to listen to them on my decently long drive to and from work–they keep me happy while I sit in traffic. I like to pop on my headphones when I am doing chores around the house to help make the process a little more enjoyable. I like walking my dog around the neighborhood whilst getting swept away in a story. I love that audiobooks allow me to experience books when I don’t have the time to sit down and read a book. I tend to listen to books that I really want to read, but not enough to pick up the physical book. Sometimes they are books I fear I will have a hard time getting through, so listening to someone read the story to me with the vocal elements and voice inflections helps make it easier to get through. I also like to listen to light reads via audiobook; given how often I am doing something I don’t love (cleaning or driving in traffic), listening to a fun book helps make those moments better. I also like to do re-reads via audiobook. I love snuggling up reading a great book, but I also love listening to a killer audiobook when the story and the narration comes together for an impactful performance. Here are 6 books that I think accomplish all that I love about audiobooks in a fantastic way:

Continue reading

TBR: October 2017

TBR October 2017

I have a growing stack of books I have bought, but haven’t read. In an attempt to make a dent in both the books I have lying around and my TBR list, I am going to declare this month OWNtober, which I have seen other bloggers coin. I will put my blinders on and have eyes only for the books that I already own. I am really excited to do this, because every time I walk by a clustering of my books I haven’t read I feel a tinge of guilt and also a tinge of longing for what great story is waiting to be told. Here are a few of the books I plan to get to this month in the spirit of OWNtober: Continue reading